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Crawl Spaces

A crawl space is an area of limited height located under a floor or roof in your home or business. This is not an area where many homeowners dare to venture, as it is often dark, damp and cold - uninviting, to say the least.  If left unfinished, this seldom-visited underbelly of the home can reduce the indoor air quality of the living areas above, cause moisture-related problems to the structure of the home and increase utility costs.

Benefits Of Sealing Crawl Spaces

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Improved Structural Integrity
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Increased Comfort Levels
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Fewer Incursions by Mold and Pests
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Lower Energy Bills
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Increased Indoor Air Quality
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Reduced chances of costly floor repairs
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Qualify for rebates and tax incentives
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More attractive selling feature

Vented crawl spaces are a liability, as they allow access to pests, encourage mold growth, and diminish a home’s energy efficiency. That’s why sealed, continuously dry crawl spaces are now considered more effective and are gaining popularity.

Crawl Space Services

In need of crawl space repair or crawl space encapsulation? Peake Restoration has the knowledge and expertise to properly seal or restore this important area of your home or business. Peake Restoration provides the following crawl space services:

Complete Crawl Space Encapsulation
Crawl Space Ventilation
Crawl Space Repair
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Mold Remediation
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Roof & Exterior Cleaning
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Crawl Spaces

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